VIAM 2019

Day 2
Everyone slept well, delicious fry up for breakfast to keep us going! Today has been  a trip to St. Paul’s Cathedral. Some children went half way up to view the the Shard in the landscape and the London Eye. Then  4 of our children went right to the top of the dome! It was very high!!!!
Miss Davies 
Upton Cross ACE Academy

Dear All,

So, we have had another great day. All started with a military operation to make 100 packed lunches before the children came down for breakfast! We then had a cooked breakfast, sheer luxury on a week day work day! This was followed by a trip to St Paul's cathedral which was truly awe inspiring. The architecture was incredible and the climb to the top was well worth the lack of oxygen on the ascent as we had the most magnificent views of London and saw the interior roof at close proximity. The sheer genius of master craftsmen is completely mind blowing.

Wembley was incredible - see Sue C's amazing photos below (thanks to her for these). The atmosphere was electric and the children have just experienced something that it is rare for our children to take part in. Watching their faces and total enjoyment was pure joy. We now have some very tired children who have to be up early to go to the Science museum. Yet another great opportunity - I think I am looking forward to it more than they are!!

Will text across tomorrow with expected arrival times so that you and your parents know when to pick up the children.

Mrs Cotterill

St Columb Major ACE Academy

Day 1

Please see some photos below from our adventures!!

We have had an amazing day. The children are incredible and a real credit to themselves and their respective schools. We started the day by going to the houses of parliament. As we were early we decided to take the children to see Downing Street and the cenotaph. We had to go past the pro stay protestors ( who were singing, chanting and waving banners) and then past the pro leave protestors who were trying to explain their thinking on the subject. 

The children were amazed and bewildered at the same time. They asked so many questions about why people were protesting in the way they were and what Brexit was actually all about!! The discussions were great....

Then we went to the Houses Of Parliament and we saw the MP's debating in the commons and the Lords debating. It was fascinating and the children were able to relate it to what they see on the TV.

Then we had a workshop on democracy in which the children learnt about laws and why they exist and what their role is in having a voice. One of our children challenged Steve Double on what he felt about the Brexit situation, whether he preferred Teresa May or David Cameron and who he felt spoke better on behalf of the country!

Finally, we have been to the theatre and seen an out of this world production of the Lion King! Such mastery, storytelling and theatre!! Sheer genius!

We have had a truly amazing day. 

Mrs Cotterill

St Columb Minor ACE Academy