Early Years Foundation Stage

 Early Years Foundation Stage Unit at Upton Cross ACE Academy!
In September 2018, we opened our new EYFS unit which specifically caters for both EYFS1 and EYFS2. The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is provided through an amazing natural setting of both indoor and outdoor learning. Areas are set up for exploratory play and a world of discovery. 
Mrs Hall is the lead of this provision. She is an experienced teacher who is warm, creative and passionate about children's learning. 
She also has a very EYFS experienced team who support her in the day to day running of the unit - Mrs Henderson, Mrs Strike and Mrs Humphries. 
Our qualified Forest School Lead, Mrs Plummer, will lead Outdoor Learning sessions for the EYFS and Key Stage 1 children. 
All our EYFS staff have many years experience in the Early Years Foundation Stage and have also completed Paediatric First Aid Training. 
Tapestry is used as the assessment program for the children. Parents/carers are easily able to access this at home and observe what their child is learning. 
2019/20 - New children
If you would like your child to attend the EYFS unit and haven't already contacted the school - please call the office team on 01579 362519. They will be able to let you what sessions are available and allocate a place for your child.

General information,hours, etc


At  Upton Cross ACE Academy, children can attend once they become 3 years of age. 

The activities on offer are based inside a wonderfully arranged, natural setting inside and out. Plus sessions within the schools woods. 


The school's EYFS unit is very much part of the whole school, sharing all the facilities inside and out with the other classes. Children within all year groups have the opportunity to work and play together.  The older pupils within the school frequently join our children to share and help with reading and learning activities.

The EYFS 1 children have their own lunch and play together, whereas the EYFS 2children are encouraged to join the rest of the children within the school hall or outside to eat their dinners and playtimes. 


Available sessions are:

Monday 9am - 3.15pm (am Forest School)

Tuesday 9am - 3pm

Wednesday 9am - 3.15pm (am Forest School)

Thursday 9am - 3.15pm

Friday 9am - 3.15pm 

Lunch is available for EYFS1 in the school.

Cost: £4 an hour

EYFS2 are entitled to free school dinners. Please see our office team for more information. 

Government funding for up to 15 hours per week (and the 30 hours a week for eligible working families) is available for 3 and 4 year olds.

If you have already spoken to the school and have agreed the sessions that you would like for your child, we will need to you to complete the following forms:
  • Admissions Form
  • Cornwall Council EY2c Form (if applying for funded hours)
  • Permission to apply sun lotion
  • Permission to provide intimate care
  • Permission re trips
Once you have completed each of the forms, please bring them into the school office.  
If you are applying for funded hours we will also need you to bring in your child's passport or Birth Certificate. This is so we can sign the EY2c form to confirm the details provided about your child.