Delaware 2019

Arrived safely at camp and ate our lunch. Went to the back playing field for some chill out time and games. One group did archery- the best scorers they've had in a while- whilst the others did gorge walking. Dinner was spag bol, chicken, veg and a delicious doughnut for pud! Photos of gorge walking to follow. 20.45 and the rooms are almost quiet.... we look forward to tomorrow's activities!
Miss D &  Co. :)
An early start was followed by a yummy fry up to prepare us for our first full day. Group 1 began with mountain biking; learning to change a tyre, how to ride safely and tackle hilly conditions. We then had lunch and got our wetsuits on for gorge walking- lots of slips and slides down the river.  Group two practised their indoor climbing skills and had a 'climb off' before hopping on to their bikes. Fish fingers and chips for tea and all settled for the night.
Miss D & Co. :)
After a good sleep we all had pastries to start the day made by Angie our chef.  We then bused down to Calstock and boarded our canoe rafts. After a slow meander up the river Tamar, we had our lunch on a small island. We then ventured back with lots of group games and splashing along the way. The children are in good spirits and ended the day with pizza, curry and a film night. 
Miss D & Co. :)
Indoor and outdoor climbing for Group 1 today, they were able to practise their technique on the indoor walls before venturing up to meet the other group at Kit Hill. They then put their learning to use climbing up a rock face. The children were so so encouraging and supportive of each other...there were tears of frustration but all overcame their fears and pushed themselves! I am so proud!
Group 2 had their morning on the outdoor climb before moving to an area of water. They were then tasked with building a raft in teams....some were not so successful! 
Our final dinner was delicious pasta bake, burgers, hash browns and lots of salad. The final night saw the famous camp talent show where we had singing, dancing and comedy acts! 
Today was Luke's birthday and as well as being sung to half way up a climb, we had birthday cake as show snacks. 
Miss D & Co. :)
After a slow start, the children got started on packing up their belongings and tidying the centre. Group 1 headed back to kit hill to build and test their rafts while Group 2 had a go at archery. 
The children have been truly fantastic this week! They have been so supportive and encouraging of each other and stayed in high spirits each day. I'd like to thank them for being so fantastic and making our time at Delaware superb! 
Final photos to be uploaded on Monday
Miss D & Co. :)