British Council - Connecting Classrooms Project

Visit to Uganda!!!
At approx. 7am on Saturday 8th February 2020, Miss Davies with 7 other members of the Trust flew from Newquay to Heathrow. They had a long nights wait until at 9am on Sunday morning they finally flew to Entebbe, Uganda (via Amsterdam). All of this took place during Storm Ciara!!!
Once they landed, they spent some time sorting their Visas before heading to a hotel to spend a night in the capital city of Kampala.
We began our adventures with a visit to all of the 7 schools, it was amazing to see the difference and variety in them.  When then spent a day at Magola. We had a very warm welcome and after a meeting with the Head teacher -Yusufu- and link teacher - Mathew- we visited each of the classes. The children were so excited to see us. At lunch time Mathew, our link teacher, took me to his house. He showed me his land and even tried to give me a goat to take home!! 
Next onto the Jinga (South Uganda), where Hannah and the Kernow Learning crew went to visit one of the sources of the River Nile. I
Then on to Tororo, which is the nearest town to Magola School. 
We returned to see the children turning the soil ready to plant potatoes. As it is the start of the new school year in Uganda and approaching the rainy season the children will be planting potatoes, maize and beans. When this has grown, they will be able to provide a school dinner for the children around twice a week. Many of the children walk long distances to get to school so being able to provide a lunch is important. 
On our final day at school we arrived to all 983 gathered on the field, the choir sang us a farewell song and I was presented with a beautiful dress!
We were fortunate enough to be welcomed into Beatrice's home for a few days. Beatrice co-ordinates the connecting classrooms project for her district- Tororo. She has a large area of land with many many crops growing- she is a fabulous farmer! On our last night she invited us all to plant a new banana tree in her garden...perhaps I will return and be able to eat one of the bananas one day!
After our time in schools we headed further North on a long drive up to Murchison Falls National Park. We experienced a boat trip up the Nile to see the falls and then made our way to the top of the waterfall. The water was like nothing I had seen before- it was SO powerful! We then had an early morning game drive where we saw giraffes, buffalo, antelope, impala, stalks, elephants and monkeys.  We ended our animal experience with a trip to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. Here we saw a mother and baby rhino having a wander and a group of young males wallowing in the mud to stay cool. A truly magical experience to get so close to them! 
Our 11 days came to an end with a meeting back in Kampala with the British Council and Ugandan ministers of Education. We discussed the challenges facing many schools in Uganda and the ways in which the British Council projects can support them to further their teaching and learning. We discussed ways in which our link could particularly support Magola school- more to come on this. 
We then began the long journey home, at the end of our first of 3 flights, I was luck enough to grab a spot in the pilots seat in the cockpit (I was careful not to press any buttons)!!